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New feautures idias and issues

Aug 29, 2015 at 12:54 AM
Hi, we found this program today and we show it to many our members and they told (this is a program we have searched for years) we need some new features to make this program more useful.
  1. Minimize window button.
    Really annoying there no minimize button on every OTR window and if you need to clear space - you need to right click and search in different menus where is minimize menu and do it on 3-4 different OTR windows. Impossible to do it fast. Need to set some minimize icon button in OTR window corners so we can minimize it by 1 click only.
  2. Minimized windows rename.
    Is it possible to rename minimized windows name to format - "OTR - selected window name? Or - "OTR icon - selected program icon - window username"?
    Because if you have opened 4-5 windows and you need to find which one you need to check in next second - you need to open every OTR minimized window to find right one, even if you see some preview, impossible in some programs to make difference between same windows, but by selected window name it would be possible and save time.
  3. Stick windows together button.
    Would be good to have option to stick some selected OTR windows together so if you drag them - they will drag together at same time, because now if you select one window and SHIFT or CTRL other one to move them together of stick them together - windows simply reset and you need to select window for them and region again.
    Need some option to group OTR windows by edge in different groups, especially if this group - parts of different selected areas from same window.
  4. Show OTR window on one computer from other computer
    Is it possible to show in OTR window some window from other computer where run OTR program too? Like for example program "Mouse without Borders" allow to drag mouse from one computer to other and even transfer files by drag and drop them.
  5. Option to show selected program name or selected window, to show in OTR window corner by small letters. Like you set option to "show window boarder" so we will always know which window we see in OTR window.
  6. Minimize whole group of OTR windows at once.
    If you can create option to stick OTR windows tothers by edge, there need to be abbility to minimize whole group of grouped windows by one click, or just one OTR window from a group.
  7. Recording option
    Option to record some OTR window by right click menu or create some .gif from it, like it work in ShareX program. Option to record 1 pict every 10-20-30 seconds etc and play it later like one file.