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OTR do not refresh / Click forward freezes OTR


*OTR do not refresh
CASE1) Fullscreen game region captured with OTR -> do not refresh
CASE2) Windowed game region captured with OTR -> do not refresh, only refreshed if the front layer app (i.e. Firefox) is not maximized and let you watch a part of the windowed game on the backside.

*OTR freezes if click forward enabled
Just that.

Updated Windows 10 pro + Geforce GTX960 359.06
Closed May 25, 2016 at 10:11 AM by Lck
This is by design: OnTopReplica uses the same feature Windows uses to generate thumbnails in its Task Bar. If a window is minimized or is not drawn to screen, no thumbnail is refreshed. The cloned application must be visible (but not necessarily in foreground).