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Select region not working


When I try to select the region of a window, it selects the pixel that I started the box with, after I've drawn the box. While selecting the region I get the red axis indicator, when I click to drag it disappears (the axis indicator) and when I release the mouse button, it selects the first pixel I clicked on, so I basically see a solid color.

Program was working fine a week ago, I've tried installing older versions but same problem.

I've attached a gif showing exactly what I'm trying to explain. It's low quality but hopefully you get what I mean

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Lck wrote Jul 27, 2016 at 2:43 PM

Thanks for the nice clarification GIF, that's how every bug report or suggestion should be documented. :)

Anyhow, OnTopReplica has not been updated in quite some time, therefore reverting to an earlier version probably will not be of any use. It seems that the click "hold" and drag is not being reported correctly to OnTopReplica, therefore the application interprets it as if you click and release the region selector on one single pixel.
Perhaps it is due to some strange mouse driver or some other mouse utility that messes with mouse input.

While I try to reproduce the issue, the easiest workaround should be to use the comboboxes you see in the region selection dialog: you can manually update the region's width and height to some valid value (higher than 1). Not ideal, but it should work.