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OnTopReplica has moved!

CodePlex is unfortunately shutting down and the project has been moved to Github. All development will continue there.

A real-time, always on top, "replica" of a window of your choice, based on DWM Thumbnails.
Completely written in C# for .NET 4.0/4.5, makes use of the Windows Forms Aero library.


You will need the .NET 4.0/4.5 framework and Windows Vista/7/8 with Aero enabled (also known as Desktop Composition, which is always enabled on Windows 8).

Installation and User Guide

Get the latest version (v.3.5.1) from the downloads section, both as installer and as standalone portable executable.

Features of current version

  • Clone any of your windows and keep it always on top while working with other windows,
  • Select a subregion of the cloned window:
    • Store the selected subregions for future use,
    • Now with relative subregions from the window's borders.
  • Auto-resizing (fit the original window, half, quarter and fullscreen mode),
  • Position lock on the screen's corners,
  • Adjustable opacity,
  • "Click forwarding" allows to interact with the cloned window,
  • "Click-through" allows to click through the cloned thumbnail (especially useful with partial opacity),
  • "Group switch" mode automatically switches through a group of windows while you use them,
  • Non invasive installation doesn't require administrator elevation.

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