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Instant window-clip selection

Jun 23, 2014 at 10:48 AM
Hi, I really like the way how I can watch movies during my work because they can be shown very small in the edge of my screen.
The problem is that it takes a couple of steps to do so:
  • Open OnTopReplica
  • Select the window to replicate
  • Select the size of the inner area to capture
  • Optionally switch another window over the captured one to cover it
I thought it would be awesome if we could select the area to capture instantly (via global hotkey) to reduce the whore process to one or two steps.

Here is a screenshot of Greenshot, a screenshot capture tool.
If you press the print screen it opens the shown selection tool.

Could we get something like that please?
I could even try to implement it myself if I would get your agreement that my work would be put into the tool.

Cheers, Bernhard