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Release 3.5

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Released: Jan 18, 2014
Updated: Jan 18, 2014 by Lck
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Release Notes

Major update to version 3.4 with several bugfixes and usability changes.

New features:
  • New update mechanism, now relies completely on CodePlex. Issue #54.
  • OnTopReplica now automatically becomes partially transparent when in "click through" mode and the mouse cursor hovers over its (opaque) window. Issue #50.
  • Regions on the cloned thumbnails can now be quickly selected just by pressing CTRL and click-dragging the left mouse button over the thumbnail, instead of opening the "region selection" panel. Issue #3.
  • Fullscreen mode can now switch to "full" fullscreen mode or can also span all screens. Issue #34.
  • Parameter --clickThrough added to command line interface to enable click through. Issue #48.
  • Added width/height only parameters to command line interface (--width and --height). Size is computed using aspect ratio of cloned window (if any). Issue #37.
  • OnTopReplica now keeps a simple log of what goes on (stored in %APPDATA%\OnTopReplica\lastrun.log.txt). Issue #39.
  • OnTopReplica can now automatically clone a window that requires the user's attention (i.e. it flashes on the taskbar). This feature cannot be used currently because there is no user setting to enable it. Issue #19.

Bug fixes:
  • Task bar icon grouping issue fixed. Issue #14.
  • Source window aspect ratio is now updated when resizing OnTopReplica. Issue #58.
  • When restoring a cloned window on start-up while OnTopReplica was closed in chromeless mode (without borders), the correct window position is restored. Issue #33.
  • When restoring OnTopReplica on start-up, the last "show window border" setting is restored correctly. Issue #29.
  • When deleting a region, no other region is selected automatically. Issue #53.
  • Window title matching when trying to clone a window via command line interface has been improved. Issue #44.
  • Command line parameters now override the automatic "restore last session" settings when launching. Issue #43.
  • Restore last window on launch does now work when "none" is selected. Issue #35.
  • The --chromeOff parameter now works correctly. Issue #48.

Reviews for this release

I've been using this program for ages and for all sorts of things, glad to see it still get's attention. Thanks! The new addition of selecting region by holding CTRL is fantastic. I do have some more suggestions for hotkeys though: * CTRL + RMB to reset the region if I mess up the selection * CTRL + Mouse wheel to increase and decrease the selection * Shift to make a perfect square Also for myself I changed it to bring the real window to the front when I double click on the clone instead of it going full screen. Maybe this could be added in as an option. Edit: where are my line breaks? This is worse than reddit :o
by dave373 on Jan 18, 2014 at 1:16 PM
Hi Dave, thank you very much for your feedback! :) I'm glad people are still using OnTopReplica and are finding it useful. The suggested hotkey combinations are a great idea, I'll try to add them in one of the next updates.
Reply by Lck (N/A) on Jan 18, 2014 at 3:36 PM